Jake Built llc 

Jake Built is not a large company, but instead it is quite the opposite. Jacob has spent his career, not behind a desk, but in the field helping larger contractors and companies bring together the fine details of a project.

Jacob is a diverse builder who takes on one special project at a time. Custom details and attentive workmanship are cornerstones of the "Build Like You Give a Damn" construction philosophy to which Jacob subscribes.

Each project is a custom solution balancing desires, budget, and site. Using Advance Framing and Green Building techniques he is willing to think outside of the box to build the best thing possible, even if the best solution is a box.

Bringing a diversity of experience and knowledge together, Jacob is a polymath builder who loves to integrate different material in new ways. So if you’re looking for fine-detailed on site project management or just that Jake Built touch of style, you’re looking in the right spot.